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Work Log w/e 4-Mar-11

March 4, 2011

I’ve been cruising the Praxis game design forum and they have an “accountability check in” to encourage each other to stay focused on their design goals. That seems like a pretty sharp idea, so I’m going to follow suit. My work schedule is chaotic and it’s impossible for me to stick to a hard schedule like, “Tuesdays and Thursdays I’ll spend at least two hours writing.” So I would like to do something for my game every day, even if it’s small. That might not be an achievable goal every week, but it’s something to shoot for. And I think having that routine will mean that when I have time and energy I will be more likely to use it well.

I don’t want to post what I did every day, so I’ll hold myself accountable here weekly. I only thought of this Wednesday and I don’t remember the specifics of what I did for the game on the proceeding days, so this week is short:

Wednesday: Researched the Big Model and the Power 19. I’ve read both before, but it helps to read them in the context of a game I’m currently working on. I plan to answer the Power 19 here in a post after I finish the 2nd draft.

Thursday: Wrote a blog post which will drop on Monday.

Friday: Wrote this blog post to hold myself accountable!

It’s been hard to find some uninterrupted time to actually focus on the second draft. That’s not the kind of work I can do on the road, like I have been the last few days.

EDIT: I’ve decided to call these entries Work Logs since they have a daily focus and I’m putting pretty minor stuff in them.

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