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Work Log w/e 11 Mar 11

March 12, 2011

Saturday/Sunday: Nothing. I had a big home improvement project over the weekend, so no time for game writing. Not to mention that it wiped me out!

Monday: Started the second draft – finally! Got a lot done actually. The hardest part of this draft is completely re-writing the introduction so that it grabs you and tells you what the game is about (thanks again to Dan for the fine feedback on this part). I pretty much got this part done on Monday and a bit more. Spent about 3 hours, overall.

Tuesday: Wrote a bit more in the morning and then got stuck coming up with the example setting’s details. In the evening, I wrote a long, rambling email to my co-author asking for help since I was still stuck.

Wednesday: Decided that we need to have some visual examples in the game text. Really, the token exchange mechanic is something that should be rather easy to show visually.

Thursday: Didn’t get a chance to work on the game.

Friday: Exchanged emails with co-author about some new setting ideas and possible mechanics changes. He sent me a D&D-esque setting write-up that’s I’m going to use to get unstuck.

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