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Event Blurb

May 20, 2011

As with all events presented at a gaming convention and even some game days, I had to write a “blurb” for the Team Event. These are always difficult as you need to attract players while they cruise through the program with a very short attention span. And this one is a very difficult concept to explain in a limited amount of text; so I decided not to do that and just sell the experience I’m designing toward instead:

This is a mass-roleplaying experience of creativity, competition, and teamwork. It’s a game of shifting alliances and uncertain allies. It’s a collective, world-shaping event and a fierce battle between opposing factions. You and two or three of your friends (i.e. a team of three to four players) create and play one of those factions. Win or lose, you will shape the fictional setting through play and in your final actions as a team or as your character. You’ll be creating a big story together, so bring your “A” game!
Factions and player characters will be created at the start of the event. The rules are simple to learn and we’ll be teaching them to everyone during the event. Beginners are welcome! Please visit the Team Event website. The site will feature more information on the this new form of roleplaying game including the rules system if you want to get familiar with it first (not required).

Fortunately, a lot of that was already in the second draft as intro text! I’m sure I’ll need to refine the blurb for future cons as I find out what about it does and doesn’t work, but I think this is a good start. In the future I hope to make it somewhat setting specific to make it clear that “hey, it’s different this time” but I think setting stuff would just get in the way for this first run.

And there’s probably still a bit of time to change it before the program book is final, so please feel free to leave any suggestions for improvement in the comments section.

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