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Work Log w/e 19 Jun 11

June 19, 2011

This week was a mess in a lot of ways. I had to give up my work laptop on Monday and didn’t get it back until Friday. I had all my important files on a thumb drive and everything else on a backup drive, but my wife’s Netbook is too small and the other computer upstairs – the ones the kids have to use – is too slow (I’m replacing it ASAP). Also, my work schedule was rather much this week and I wasn’t feeling too hot during the early part of the week. [When I make excuses, I really go all out.] So I was off the air most of the time, which is not where I wanted to be going into the first run of the Team Event. As a result, I didn’t see the short version of the rules RP had crafted until a couple of days after he sent them.

Then I had to cancel the first run of the Team Event. I think I’ve honed my instincts for game days and attendance over the years and I could feel that this wasn’t going to come together. Getting ready and getting pumped and then not having the game go off would’ve take a lot of wind out of my sails. I need that wind! And while a few folks were planning to come and were perhaps a bit disappointed by the cancellation, I think it’s better to disappoint them in advance when they can find another use for their valuable gaming time than to risk disappointing them at the event when it’s likely too late. The bright side is that I’ve actually learned about a few people that were interested and couldn’t attend that date. Hopefully the prospects are good for rescheduling.

So most of the week was spent struggling to get online to get the word out about the cancellation. I also sent the game text to a friend that wants to take a look at it and yesterday I got some good feedback from a another friend which I’ll be talking about that in the next post.

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