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Rather than waiting until we publish something – especially when what we “publish” is going to be a free pdf – I figured I’ve thank all those who are helping me out along the way right here, right now:

  • Thanks to RP Bowman for putting aside whatever else he was designing (he’s always designing something) to help me with this idea that he had no real investment in at the start. He clearly picked up on how enthused I was and didn’t want to let me down – that’s a true friend right there.
  • Troy Latta, Scott Field, and other RP-Artisans for keeping the team event alive in its waning years.
  • My wife for proofreading and sanity checking all my work.
  • J.J. Lanza for helping me define concepts when I was flailing about at the start. “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” – Plato
  • Dan Maruschak for a very thorough feedback on the first draft of the game.
  • Chris Engle for thoughtful feedback on the first draft.
  • Dean from the Waterdeep Boys Club for the photo of the Colorado Team Role Playing Champions banner.
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